mySecondGame – Pong!

Today, I finished my second full game, Pong. This game has helped me understand in-game physics a little more,  in-game collisions and how to set up 2D games UI canvas and main camera views.

I created this game using a second Udemy course by Denis Panjita called The Complete Unity 3D Game Development Course. The start of the course is a touch dry, ut it has allowed me to expand on the game. So far additional features to the game I have added are:

  • Ability to display name of latest winner
  • Success or fail message once the game is over

I was also able to make a very basic AI to control the right racket and track the movement of the ball but also have a speed cap so its not impossible to beat!

Up = W

Down = D

Start Game( when on splash screen) = Click on Start Game

Once you’ve entered your name if you win, press ‘Enter’

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