About Me!

I’m Dan Hayman, currently Head Engineer at Pixel Inspiration, a British nationally acclaimed audio-visual company. I have a first-class honors degree in Audio-Visual Engineering, including modules in computer science.

Since August 2016 I have been living in Japan, where I’ve developed an interest in game development. So now, at 33 years old, I am having a career refocus, and I’ve decided to start my journey into becoming a Game Developer.

In this blog you can hear about my experiences, both high and low, and learn from some of the common (and not so common) mistakes I’ve made on my journey. Hopefully, this will help you avoid similar learning pitfalls!

I have decided to learn game development in Unity and pursue a master’s in either Game Development or Computer Science. Initially, my skills are going to be self-taught, using various free learning programmes or YouTube tutorials. I will link the learning resource to each blog, so you can check that out too. Enjoy following my journey, and if you have any questions – please leave them in the comments section of the blog!

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